Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Spring Style Wishlist...

I've been cheering myself up, through the gloomier moments of February, with a little look at all the new season loveliness drifting into my favourite shops. I'll probably not be buying any of this any time soon - there are holidays and trips away to be saved for, kiddos that need new shoes (why, oh why do they all grow at once??!) and a dodgy warning light that keeps flashing on in our car.
Is it really girly of me to calculate how much damage I could do in Topshop with those mechanics fees?
I weep a little every time another dashboard light goes on, I really do!

Anyway, it's always handy to have a wishlist, isn't it? My Christmas one was very successful. Mr M loves a bit of 'guided' shopping, and I got exactly what I wanted without buying it myself.
Everyone's a winner! :)

I do realise, in the grand scheme of things, that this is a bit of a frivolous post, but I think we are allowed it, just for today. It's been a long Winter.
High fives on making it through that one!

This Spring I wish for...

one & Other Stories Flower Lace Dress
Floaty, white, midi-length and lace. This is my perfect dress! How pretty would it be with tan sandals and braided hair? I've always been a bit of a boho girl at heart!

two Lotta Peeptoe Clogs
I have these already in the natural shade, but I love the idea of a bright colour update and this yellow is so Springlike. I can imagine them with a floaty blouse and my denim dungarees - easy breezy 70s style.

three Topshop Limited Edition Daisy Airtex Dress
A pricey frock, but such a pretty one. I'd love this for a special occasion. Actually, if I had it, I think I'd wear it all the time - maybe even in bed and whilst cleaning the bathroom too! ;)

four Saddlebag Trading bag in London Tan
There are so many pretty colour combinations in these British made bags, but I love the classic feel of the original tan. And such a brilliant price for genuine leather as well!

five Zara Dot Print Layered Top
Because floaty and white just sum up Spring/Summer for me, especially paired with...

six M&S Limited Edition Pocket Skinny Jeans
Yellow! I'm obsessed with it at the moment, and whilst I'm not so sure I have the right colouring to carry it off on my top half, bottoms will always be a winner!

seven Solillas Benirras Sandals
I got these sandals in a tan colour last year, and after a bit of wearing in, they were honestly my best buy of the Summer. I wore them with everything. I'd really love a bright shade this year, to wear with Breton dresses and brightly coloured trousers.
If you are a dedicated lover of flats, I can't recommend these highly enough!

eight Astrid and Miyu Tangled Star Midi Ring
If you follow me over on Instagram, you'll know that I'm having a total love-in at the moment with delicate, layered jewellery. I love statement pieces too of course, but pretty, light ones are much more practical for my everyday, busy mum lifestyle. Astrid and Miyu make the sweetest little layering rings, and I adore this star one.

nine ASOS High Shine Rain Mac
It's always tricky getting the outerwear right at this time of year, isn't it? When the weather gets a bit milder, but you're still likely to get soaked in a downpour on the school run.
I think this gorgeous rain mac would keep me dry whilst suiting the season perfectly.
Such a Springlike colour too!

ten Hush 3 Star Stud Earrings
I don't wear earrings often (I really must try harder! ;) ) but these gorgeous star ones might just become a permanent fixture. Classically pretty and in my favourite soft gold.

I reckon that this little lot would see me through Spring and beyond, and all the pieces would mix and match to make lots of different outfit combinations too. Perfect sunny weather combinations!

Now, how long do you reckon before we have some weather to match??

E x


Monday, 2 March 2015

#myhomestyle {edition two}

It's really starting to feel as if Spring has sprung around here! I've got my daffodils and tulips out, shot a Spring kitchen feature for a client this week, and have been so inspired by all the brights and florals appearing on the #myhomestyle link.
So without further ado, here are my picks for this fortnight. It's a bumper edition! Do check out Becky's too!
I hope you are as inspired as we are!

Esther's beautiful window seat. I mean. I have total bay window envy! And we all know how much I love a cushion. I adore this mix of stripes and florals - stunning Spring style!

Speaking of which, how pretty are Kerri-Ann's bedroom wallpaper choices? I'm so excited to see the finished room, and know there has been some up cycling underway too!

I have a new love of brights at the moment, and am particularly obsessed with Aly's yellow stools in her kitchen. And the pew, blackboard and service station sign, while we're at it! Serious style crush on a beautiful space.

And Stephanie has the yellow trend sussed too, with this fab pendant lamp in her son's room.

I adore this boy version of Russian dolls that Chloe has in her little man's room. And the wallpaper is making me all nostalgic, as it was in Noah's nursery when he was little too!

Kara tracked down this quirky cloud napkin holder in Ikea this week, and I absolutely love the colour and the retro feel to it.

Talking of best buys, Emily has been gathering up these monogrammed mugs from Matalan. I love them, and moreso the sentiment in what she has spelled out! :)

And how cute is Kirsty's pink radio, on her dressing table? Such a pretty space - I want a happy place like this!

Jo spotted these clocks on her travels, and I'm totally in love with them too! My hand hovered over the smaller one, for my bedside table, this week. I think I'll have to go back for it!

Do click through and check out these gorgeous accounts for lots more housey inspiration!

This time it's all things colourful for your home!

one Reidar Chair
two Alphabet Floral Mug
three Bright Side Cushion
four Lula Metal Table Lamp
five Retro Flower Print Shelves
six Liberty Fabric Wire Name Sign

Don't forget to tag your home and interiors pictures with #myhomestyle, and either @littlewoodlife or @spiritedpuddlejumper. Becky and I adore browsing the photos and are really loving being inspired by your home and decor style!

E x

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Spring Brights, IG and New Babies!! #LittleLoves

It has been busy, busy this week, as we've got back into routine after the half term break. I've been feeling a little under the weather, in more ways than one, so it's especially lovely to be focusing on the positive today with our little loves.
Oh, and the biggest little love of all is that we have a new little niece and cousin!
Little Ivy was born yesterday morning weighing 7lb 15oz.
We are so very excited to meet you Miss Ivy!

This week, the little things that we have:


One of my favourite bloggers, Suzanne, has written two amazing posts recently, which have really struck a chord with me. The Waiting Game and In Defence of Over-sharing sum up all that I love about Suzanne's blog. She is real, down to earth, and not afraid to share the ups and downs of family life. As a mum not too far off tackling the teenage years myself, I appreciate greatly all her wisdom and shared experience, and am filing it away for future reference! :)


Broadchurch - I'm sure everyone will have this week! I wasn't too sure about the ending. I still really enjoyed it, but it wasn't that gripping twist that I'd hoped for. I think we all knew who was implicated from the start, didn't we?!


I was delighted to hear this week that I'm HIBS100's Instagrammer of the month!
I came to Instagram quite late, but have loved it ever since I joined. It is, by far, my favourite source of Social Media. I think I'm just nosy really, and love seeing what people are up to throughout the day! :) If you are on there, you can find me @littlewoodlife . And do check out the #myhomestyle hashtag too, for homes and interiors inspiration! 


New home purchases! I am so dying for Spring, I just can't tell you! Anyway, to ease me in, I cheered up our kitchen counter with some daffodils that Mr M got for me this week. Yellow flowers wouldn't be my faves, if truth be told, but is there anything more sunshiney than these??

And on the subject of pretty things, I've been sipping my tea from these beautiful mugs that I picked up at M&S (food shop gone awry! ;) ) Their Spring homeware collection is my favourite yet. It's so worth a look!

Follow my Pinterest board for Spring Home ideas


My school run uniform of stripes and jeans mostly! I find it so hard to get inspired at this time of year! I did get this pink fluffy coat in the sale though, and am loving wrapping up in it!

I've also really been enjoying dressing the kiddos in Spring brights. We've been in gloomy colours for far too long! We haven't ditched the coats yet, but if they can be bright turquoise, then that'll do for now! :)

And Lastly...

I'm so excited to meet our new little family member! I think Mr M is a bit worried that I'll take a notion for baby number 4, but which of us doesn't get a bit broody when they hold a new baby?
There's just something in that smell, isn't there?!

Isn't she a beauty?!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

E x


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Celebrating Inspiring Women... #ARwoman

I'm frequently so overwhelmed by the messages and support I get from lovely people who pass by this little online space. It becomes clearer to me every day, how many women (and men too of course, but for the purposes of today lets just focus on the ladies!) are such amazing encouragers. Their kindness in reaching out to someone they don't know at all, is never taken lightly round here. It inspires me to continue putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!), even on the days when I doubt myself greatly.

So when the lovely people at Atterley Road contacted me about their #ARwoman campaign, I was really delighted to get involved. #ARwoman is about celebrating the women that inspire you - encouraging each other, and focusing on the things that unite us as women. And as someone who has been so affected by the positivity of others, I'm really excited to be able to pay it forward!

There are so many women that I'm inspired by daily.  I might admire a celebrity for their gorgeous fashion sense, or a fellow blogger for the way they beautifully craft words, but for me, I'll always be affected most by the women that surround me. Those that raised me, and those that drifted into my life a little later.

My #ARwoman is my friend Janine. We first met when I arrived to do my teaching practice in the school that I'd later get a job in. She was lovely to me from the first. A really warm, bubbly character, and the sort of lady who just takes you under her wing. Truth be told, I don't think I've really come out since, and she still remains one of my most loyal supporters and one of my best friends.

She is the sort of person that everyone gravitates towards. I don't think I've ever heard someone say something negative about her - and I honestly don't think anyone could. Her positivity is infectious, and her fortitude and dignity in facing some really awful times have inspired me to tackle my own with gusto, always looking for the silver linings. She is such an inspiring mother, raising her son on her own (supported by her lovely partner and parents) whilst working full time.
And such a kind, polite, intelligent young man he is turning out to be.
She is the kind of teacher you wish you'd had - focused, caring, funny. The sort that knows the name, hobbies and family background of every pupil, the sort that will attend every school show and concert to support the staff and kids involved.
And in teaching these days, commitment like that doesn't come ten-a-penny.
She is just lovely. A person whose outlook I wish I could have, whose graciousness and sense of humour always makes me smile. A person who makes people feel good about them.

And that's a very special kind of friend, isn't it? The sort I want to be.
That's a true #ARwoman.

Who is your #ARwoman? Atterley Road are asking you to post a photo of her on Instagram or Twitter, tagging @AtterleyRoad and using the hashtag #ARwoman.
There are so many inspiring ladies out there. Let's celebrate them a little!

E x

**This post was written in collaboration with Atterley Road, but I'm delighted to have been given an opportunity to celebrate such a lovely friend, and inspiring woman.**

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Half Term Adventure... and a little film!

How was your half term?
Although we were plagued with sickness for the most part, we did manage a little day out last Friday to one of our favourite National Trust properties.
It takes a lot to keep us Martins down for long. :)
Fresh air is the cure for most things round here. And climbing trees helps too!

We were recently contacted by the lovely people at Yuubag, to have a look at one of their kids travel bags, and we brought it with us to test out on our adventure!

Some pictures below of our day, and a little film too, if you'd like to see!

We opened our Yuubag earlier in half term week, to have a proper look at what's inside. They are really spacious and come with lots of activities to keep kids entertained on trips and whilst travelling!

We don't often sit down together at breakfast time - normally Mr M and I are fetching juice or making more toast! But lazy days start best with lazy brunches, so we made a big breakfast to enjoy together. Eva was on juice duty! :)

Gorgeous Castle Ward!  Even on a very chilly day it is still beautiful, and the snowdrops were helping convince me that Spring is nearly here (she says, whilst still bundled up in MANY layers. I was made for a warmer climate, definitely!)

Climbing trees and cream teas! My kids have some kind of homing signal to things they can climb up/on/over.  It kind of kills me to watch, as they literally have no fear.  It's that motherly thing of wanting them to explore and have childhood experiences, versus wanting them to stay with all their bones intact, isn't it?  Anyway, safe to say I'm getting very good at smiling and clapping on the outside, whilst having a minor panic internally!
Oh, and please meet Frankie, Noah's Koala.  He's been angling for a moment in the limelight for months now! :)

We found this pretty door and had to take a picture.  One of my favourite childhood books was 'The Secret Garden', and I've had a bit of a fascination with walled gardens ever since.  Who knows, maybe someday we'll have our own at Little Wood, and I can take tea there, under an oak tree! ;)

And a little vlog of our day...

For those that are interested, the girls duffle coats are from Mini Boden and Noah's is from Bonprix.
Hair accessories are from lovelylittlesandco .
Mr M's hat and scarf are from Next. My hat is from Hush and bag from Kate Spade Saturday.

E x

**Yuubag very kindly sent us a bag to take on our adventures. It was perfect for all our drinks and snacks (and the odd Koala too!)**