Friday, 31 October 2014

Love the Little Things #32

Happy Halloween! Hasn't it become such a massive thing these days?
When I was little we dressed up as cats every year, in costumes made out of a bin liner and cardboard ears attached to a hairband.
That, my friends, was creative genius at it's best.
No Sofia the First or £20 Princess Elsa costume for us.
Mind you, in retrospect the chances of us setting ourselves on fire with a sparkler-slash-highly-flammable-material combo were pretty high.
Still, we thought we were the bees actual knees.
And all the cool kids were well jel of our waterproof layer when it rained. Ha! :)

As always on a Friday, I'm linking up today with the lovely butwhymummywhy for little loves.
This week the little things that we have:


Christmas Magazines - I know, 'already?' I hear you say! But nothing fills me with Joy quite like the sight of these appear on the shelves. I'm already getting excited about decorating for the festive season. Not so much about all the shopping that comes with it though!


The Decoy Bride - I'm not really a chick-flick type of gal, but this was quite sweet actually. The British definitely do the best rom-coms, don't they? I love Kelly MacDonald too, although can only think of Merida from Brave when I hear her voice!


Lordy, I'm on a roll this month! This week we made;

Toffee Apple Scones (recipe next week!)...

Double Chocolate brownies...

Cinnamon teacake (recipe here)...

And spooky spiders and their woolly webs...

You'd easily know it's half-term, wouldn't you?!


Going all 60's and Winter-ing up my Summer dresses...

Polo-necks and pointy boots...

Cosy cardis and floaty blouses...


Time spent with these three loons...

Hot chocolate on wet mornings...

Twinkly lights outside the back door...

And that was our little week! This weekend we have a massive Autumn clear-out on the cards, and are having some friends round for tea (we're all about the Winter barbeque round here!)
Half-term has passed in a flash, but we have had a really restful week.
Bring on the Christmas term!

Have a lovely weekend!

E x


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Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Other Side of the Desk #3...

If you missed them, I'd love it if you'd catch up with my first two posts in this little series here and here. And on to the final one - my littlest lady...

Annie, aged 4

My little sweetheart, how it broke my heart when you started school.
Moreso than I thought possible really.
We were partners in crime, you and I, and I miss your little face at lunchtime (And even playing Barbies. Though it wasn't my favourite thing to do, I'll be honest!)
But you are thriving in this new challenge. You have confidence which far exceeds that of your brother and sister.
Perhaps it is a third child thing?
You chat to everyone, but I love how you are rarely precocious or cheeky - you have a lovely, endearing little way with you. 
Phonics and words didn't come quite so easily for you at first. Daddy and I need to learn a bit more patience, and got a tiny bit (*a lot) frustrated. It made us laugh though when we said 'Look at the word Annie!', and you scrunched up your little face and put your eyes right up close to it.
But in the last two weeks it has just clicked with you, and you can read and write I, it, can, see, a.
I love how you sound out 'it', and the look on your face when I give you a cuddle and clap my hands for getting it right. It absolutely confirms to me the power of praise in learning.
You love to draw and colour, and have the best pencil control. I can't even remember Eva or Noah being just as good at your age. You form your letters and numbers beautifully, and still say 'I'm going to draw a 'Sss', which really makes me smile.
And realise that you're not quite a big girl just yet.
You adore homework, and are itching to do it as soon as we get home.
Long may it continue my darling, long may it continue.
You are easily distracted though. Your teacher says that you love a chat and you'll often be found plaiting someone's hair, when really you should be listening. This doesn't surprise me at all. You are such a girlie girl, and a total social butterfly.
But try, won't you my honey? To listen and learn?
These early years are so important, and you have such potential.
And yet, you sing and dance, and make us laugh like someone who was born for the stage.
Deep down, we know you'll do OK. You have the most beautiful little personality, and I doubt there will ever be a time when you don't have friends.
And right now, at 4 and three quarters?
That is more than enough for us.

I love you so much, wee chicken,

Mummy xx

3 Children and It

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Other Side of the Desk #2...

If you missed the premise behind this week's posts, you can catch up with it here.
Today, my little man...

Noah, aged 7

Oh my wee man. I think sometimes that you live in your own little world. One where Minecraft is on constant replay, and you make and invent and build all day. You have the tendency to get carried away with things though, and we have limited your screen time to an hour on the weekends, just to keep you on track.
You are such a smart cookie, your teacher told me so. Your story writing is full of imagination and your ideas are creative and developed. We really need to work on this handwriting though, don't we? It was so funny to be sat on the opposite side of the desk, hearing the words that I said to so many parents year after year 'the talent is there, we just need to be able to decipher it!' It was no surprise to me though, as we row quite a lot about your homework presentation. Thankfully you are quite enjoying your extra writing practice, and are working on drafting your first novel at the same time. ;)
It is so good though, I am a little bit taken aback by just how good.
And I'll keep it forever, you know that.
You are brilliant with numbers, and anything that involves technical input. You love computers, and enjoy knowing how they work just as much as playing the games. We have enrolled you for a mini computer course at school. You will love it, and I hope you can teach me something too!
You draw and spell with ease and maturity. Words and pictures have always come easily to you, even well before you started school. You love books, and when we can get you to read you are more than capable of managing the same books as your big sister. We are very proud of that.
Sport is not really your thing. You have hyper-mobility, and your knees and lower legs hurt a lot of the time. It's OK though, because you can run and jump and climb with the best of them, and that is enough for us.
You are a scatty, witty, hilarious, affectionate little boy, but also a very innocent and timid one.
I hope you never lose that, my Noah. You are perfect at being you.

Love you lots,
Even more than Jelly Tots!

Mummy xx

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Other Side of the Desk...

Last week we had our first Parent/Teacher interviews of the new term. I'm sure, if you have school-age children you maybe did too.
My three, being of the conscientious ilk (well, Noah a little less so, but we take what we can get), were desperate to know what their teachers had said. I did, of course, cobble together some semblance of our chat to deliver to them, but it occurred to me that it might be nice to write it down, to look back on in years to come. To chart their progress a little, and to remember the tiny stages of these first school years.
Of course, inevitably these chats won't always be entirely positive. No child is perfect, much as we maybe like to think they are. But my little three are by far my proudest achievement. I love the people they are becoming, the sensitive way that they view the world.
And any compliment to them, means so much more than kind words directed at me.
So, over the next three days I'll have a little about each of them. I hope that you'll maybe identify a little with some of their traits, and be reassured that this Mama has the same worries and frustrations that you do.

I was a teacher for thirteen years, delivered these interviews time and time again.
But let me tell you,
It's a whole lot more scary being on the other side of the desk.

E x

Eva, aged 9

My gorgeous Eves, your teacher is so thrilled with your progress. I really wish you would believe it. You are far too hard on yourself sweetpea, always wanting to do things perfectly or be the best.
And yet I understand that completely, as that is your Mama summed up in a nutshell.
We are so, so similar you and I.
But your best is enough my love. More than enough.
Let's work on believing that one together, shall we?
You are sociable, and have such a lovely group of friends. You excel at English and Reading, and this makes me so proud, and nostalgic at the same time. I remember P5 so clearly, and it being where my love of books really clicked. I hope in the years to come that you gobble them up as voraciously.
Your numbers are good, and yet you get flustered and panic a little with them. It doesn't come just as easily for you, and you aren't used to that. It will be OK though, I promise you. We all find our niche little one. No one is good at everything, and you write and read and draw and dance, and have kindness and thoughtfulness like no one else I know.
You love P.E, which is no surprise as you are our sporty one. You must have inherited Daddy's genes in that regard. You dance beautifully and never complain about attending your lessons, even when it's cold and grey outside and you are feeling a bit tired.
You have such patience and stamina, and you teach me a lot about those things too.
You are really starting to take notice of the world around you now. You love History and Science, and researching things that you are learning. I adore this inquisitive little mind, and especially when you pull a 'big word' from nowhere, and drop it into conversation at the dinner table.
Daddy and I are constantly in awe of it.
You make these Key Stage 2 years very easy for us, gorgeous girl.
You are becoming the most beautiful, mature little lady and for that, and all that you are, we are so thankful to call you ours.

All my love,

Mummy xx

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Ordinary Moments...Friendship

I know Katie used this as her Ordinary Moment a few weeks ago, but this past week I got to thinking that it was by far the most appropriate title for me too.

When I started blogging, I guess there were things that I expected from it.
To document a little of our lives with three under ten. To find an outlet for my love of writing. To give my parents and in-laws somewhere where they could check out our photos, rather than waiting FOREVER for me to print them out.
I expected to find other, like minded mums. To chat and exchange pleasantries.
But I really didn't expect to make real, true friends. And that has been the loveliest surprise of all.
For this blogging community, or at least the one I've fallen into, is one in which you are never alone. There will always be someone to write you a lovely comment, or chat to you on Twitter, or encourage you when you're ready to chuck it all in.
We all face the same ups and downs, and I have lost count of the amount of times I have been buoyed by these ladies.

Sian and I got to know each other a little bit earlier this year, but met and really properly clicked at BritMums in June. Although, for lots of reasons, BritMums was an overwhelming experience, I'll forever be glad that I went. And for the little friendship that started there.
And last weekend she and her lovely family came to stay with us for a little visit. We couldn't have been happier to have them.
It was a weekend of blustery park trips and dodging showers. Of feeding the ducks and hearing little giggles. Of good food and better company. Of laughing, and wine drinking, and making plans to meet again.

And we posted so few photos on Social Media - we barely even took any - because sometimes the company is so good that you just find yourself enjoying the moments for what they are.
And the cameras and phones lay forgotten.

There are some people who drift into your life, and then afterwards you can't imagine ever not knowing them. We were all so sad to see the PottyMouths return home (Annie and H cried at leaving each other!) but very thankful indeed that we got to spend a lovely weekend with them.

And that our paths crossed, through this amazing online community, in the very first place.

E x

Linking up today with lovely MummyDaddyMe for The Ordinary Moments.

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Love the Little Things #31

Hello, hello! How was your week?
Here it has been one of dodging showers, bolting things down to stop them taking off, and straightening up after a brilliant weekend spent with our gorgeous guests.

So, on to our little loves from this week!
As always, I'm linking up today with the sweetheart that is butwhymummywhy.

This week, the little things that we have:


This week I was delighted to discover that I'd made it in to the top 500 of registered UK parenting blogs. This poll (conducted by Tots 100) is measured monthly, and there are over 8000 blogs who take part. I'm quite comfortably in there and, whilst it will never be the reason why I write, it is still a little boost to find yourself moving up the scale, and amongst a lot of your favourites too!


Grey's Anatomy - now, we are on the US schedule, and I think a couple of weeks ahead so I'll not give any spoilers, but this week's episode was so good! I love how, even 10 or 11 series in, we are still learning things about Meredith's relationship with her mother. I'm hooked once again!

These little guys play together (photo c/o The Adventures of a Potty Mouthed Mummy). Oh, we had such a brill weekend! I'm going to mention more about it in my Ordinary Moments post on Sunday, but to watch our kiddos all play happily together was just the best thing! Annie and little H really hit it off!


Not quite as epic as last week, but I did manage:

Some Caramel Apple compote - delicious in porridge or on scones, and a real taste of Halloween!

Some room prep for our guests! Sian joked that she was going to write a review on her stay, and Mr M enquired as to whether they'd be leaving a comment on Trip Advisor.
Never let it be said that I don't go the full hog, lovely readers. In for a penny...


Cosy greys...

Leather-look leggings for a girls' night out...

And Mr M was modelling his new blazer, gifted by the lovely people at Joe Browns...


New fox pj's...

Getting up close with dinosaurs (Rawr!)...

Cosy afternoons with blanket, tea and my loves...

And that was our little week!
This weekend we have a sleepover, a ballet class, a birthday party and a lot of baking to do. Next week it's half term with us, and I am so looking forward to it. I think we are all limping a bit, towards the end of this term. It has been such a busy one, and the next one will be even more so ( Am I the only one who waits all year with dread for the Nativity costume list??)
Anyhow, we have lots of fun things planned for our Halloween week - I can't wait!

Have a great weekend everyone!

E x


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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Suited and booted with Joe Browns...

When it comes to men and fashion, I think there are two sorts. The ones that love it, that look at the labels and take lots of interest in what the latest trend is, and the ones that, frankly, couldn't care less.
Mr M is most definitely the latter.
People are always surprised when I tell them this as he can be a snazzy enough dresser when he puts his mind to it, but I'll let you into a secret peeps. I do all his shopping.
Now, you know me, and therefore you'll know that this is no great chore. I don't discriminate in my catalogue flicking process. I love a browse through the Men's and Children's sections just as well.
When Joe Browns contacted me a while back to have a look at their Autumn collection, I immediately thought of Mr M. And the Menswear really didn't disappoint.
Autumn/Winter is always my favourite fashion season, and I'm a total sucker for a bit of tweed or tartan, so when I saw this jacket I thought it would be perfect for him.

Mix it Up Blazer in blue check (c/o Joe Browns)

Thankfully he agreed, in as excited a manner as he can muster when it comes to clothes.

It is a beautifully made piece, and the little details like the burgundy buttons on the cuff and feature lining, make it that extra bit special.

I think he looks so dapper, and it has proved a great transitional piece. He has worn it both casually and as part of his work get-up, and something that can do two jobs for the price of one is always a winner in his book!
Perhaps that's why he married me, eh? :)

E x

** We were provided with this item for the purposes of review, but all opinions are entirely our own. **
Mr M would also like to point out that he is available for all manner of modelling posts.
But only if they involve a trip to the Seychelles. And the wife can come too. ;)

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