Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Breakfast with Next...

Last week I was invited to an event hosted by Next, in order to promote their Christmas range and their new next day delivery service.
Anyone who knows me, or more regular readers, will know that I have long been obsessed with Next for Homeware. Every season there is something I lust after, and a significant amount of Little Wood is dressed in Next finery. So to say I was excited was an understatement.

The press breakfast was held at Robinson and Cleaver in Belfast, and I met up with my lovely friend Avril from School Gate Style.
As a relatively new blogger, these events can be a bit daunting, but she really looked after me, and it was so nice to spend a sunny morning in the city with her.

Next absolutely know how to put on an event and we were met with the most beautifully presented food. I mean - Mini Ulster fry canap├ęs, and smoothies in little milk bottles! Breakfast heaven!

Coupled with that, the new Christmas range is a bit stunning. I had a browse of the fashion rails and the homeware, and picked out a few pieces for my wish list.
Grey and silver seem to be the prevailing colours this season in homeware. This pleases me no end as we used a lot of dove grey in our interior design, and I particularly loved the Owl themed ceramics and all the mercurised glass.

It seems grey was a theme for me!

Next are now promoting their new service of next day delivery to home when you place an order before 10pm. I can vouch for the dependability of this, even in our relatively remote postcode, and will definitely be availing of it as the Christmas shopping season begins.

It was a really fun morning in a beautiful venue, and I left with a gorgeous goodie bag and a million more ideas for my Christmas list!

E x

I placed my order at 9pm and my package was delivered the next morning at 10am. Thirteen hours from checkout to door. Even to our remote postcode. Really impressed!

**I wasn't asked to write this review, I just genuinely loved the new range, and the new delivery service and wanted to fill you in on my glamorous outing (there are so very few of them these days! Sniff! ;) ) **

Friday, 17 October 2014

Love the Little Things #30...

This week has been such a busy one at Little Wood. My head is spinning a bit! I'm so looking forward to relaxing this weekend with our special visitors, the lovely Potty Mouthed Mummy family. We have lots of fun things planned, I'm just really hoping the weather is kind. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Anyhow, as always on a Friday, I'm linking up today with gorgeous butwhymummywhy for #littleloves. Hop over and take a look at the other little lovelies too!

This week the little things that we have:


Not an awful lot! It has been so busy that I have even got behind on my blog reading this week. This causes me mild anxiety, much in the same way the Sky planner does when it drops below 50%.
I know - weirdo.
I'll do better next week!

Oh, but does Pinterest count? Can we say that counts? I love it. You can check out how much in the Made section!


So we binge watched Peaky Blinders and are all up to date. Still loving it!

And The Apprentice too, naturally.
I'm maybe completely naive and backward, living over here in the sticks, but are people actually like this in the corporate world?? I thought Mr M was going to internally combust at one point over the total dick-i-ness (a new word of my own creation) of those male candidates. I know they ham it up for the cameras but it's so alien to us here in Ireland to be like that.
We're more likely to tell you why you shouldn't give us the job.


Right, it's been 30 weeks but finally, FINALLY I have something of note for here. You can thank Pinterest (and Mr M for facilitating wood cutting procedures!)

We made:

A Thankful Tree - you'll find all the details here.

Log chalkboards - really prettying up our fireplaces!

And I put together this little floral gift for a friend who had asked me for lunch...

There's a creative spark in there somewhere lovely readers!


Cosy knits and bobble hats...

Muted colours and faux fur..,

Autumnal shades and a new fringe for a fab press event (more on this next week!)


Time outdoors and beautiful sunny days...

Decorating for Autumn...

This blanket! Cable knit on one side, fleece on the other. Is that not blanket perfection?

I hope that you have a really great weekend whatever you are up to.
Our PottyMouths at LittleWood adventures will, no doubt, be appearing on Instagram and Twitter over the weekend if you want to keep up to date with them. Fingers crossed for sunny selfies rather than soggy ones!

See you next week!

E x


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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Thankful Tree...

A month or so back my gorgeous friend Karen from Making Memories in the Chaos posted her Autumn Bucket List. One of the ideas on it, that really caught my eye, was to make a 'thankful tree'. with the kiddos.
Now, you'll have gathered that I'm not a great one for the old mother/child crafts. Playdough has not yet found its way to Little Wood, and I have to frequently sit on my hands to stop myself taking over with painting/drawing/cutting out activities.
Tell me I'm not the only one? Please??
But this seemed like something we could do with minimal mess, and something that might just look a bit pretty into the bargain.
(Side Note: *there's a reasonable chance that I have 'fixed' the finished arrangement before photographing it. Baby steps lovely readers, baby steps.)

I guess the notion of a thankful tree is an American one really, coming from the idea of Thanksgiving. But I love the concept of writing down the things we are thankful for, and that even someone as small as Annie can take a moment (between Doc McStuffins and Barbie going to the hairdressers) to appreciate some of the things she is fortunate to have.

Here are some pictures from our craft adventures, and the finished article too!
Warning: There are lots of pictures - it may take a while to load!

And me?
Well I'm thankful, so very thankful, for days spent with these people, in this beautiful place.

E x

To make a Thankful Tree:

  • Collect twigs and branches
  • Display in a jug or bucket
  • Add artificial leaves if you like - ours are Oak and Maple ones, and are from Amazon
  • Cut out some leaf shapes from plain cardboard
  • Punch a hole and add string or ribbon to tie
  • Write your message and hang them on!

Easy Peasy, even for this non-crafty Mama!

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Little Wood in Autumn...

Ever since it's conception, and moreso since I started this blog in January, Little Wood has very much become the sixth member of our family. If you have read our build story here, here and here, you will know that the twelve months of building our home, and all the planning, preparation and heartache that preceded it, were very much akin to the process of planning and preparing for a child.
There were still sleepless nights, albeit of the financial-worry variety. There were still things to choose, deadlines to meet, and it was as physically and emotionally exhausting as any pregnancy. But we are so happy to have done it, and much in the same way as you forget every ache and pain once that baby is placed in your arms, the memories of the problems and stresses we faced have faded over time too.

So my Ordinary Moment this week, is a little snapshot of our home in the past month or so. September has been so beautiful weather-wise, and the light just gets me every time. And October has started every bit as lovely, proving to me, once again, that Autumn really is the most special season.
We feel so very lucky to live here.

'A man travels the world over in search of what he needs.
And returns home to find it.'    George Augustus Moore

E x

Linking up today with the gorgeous MummyDaddyMe for The Ordinary Moments.

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