Friday, 31 January 2014

Love the Little Things #3

I'm sure you are maybe wondering why I didn't do this post last week. Well, to be totally honest, our lives are really not that exciting, and I'm sure there is a limit to the amount of nail polish chat that you can handle (it's Essie Bahama Mama today, for those of you that are interested!)
But we're back with a bang today - hooray!!

As always, this post is a link up with butwhymummywhy.  Check out Morgana's blog, I urge you.

This week, the little things that we have:

  • An original novel (yet to be published, but it will be, I'm sure of it) by a lovely friend.  A very talented lady!
  • Lots of school reading books - I'm getting reacquainted with some of the stories I read myself in Primary School and, as an ex-English teacher, hearing my children read is just THE BEST.
  • Nashville - I'm cheating and watching it online.  Country music is so good, who knew?! 
  • The Wolverine - Mr M and I fell asleep.  Ok, so it was Friday night. After dinner. And wine (see how I'm making excuses on behalf of Hugh Jackman here.  I love him.) But really, it wasn't that great. (Hugh, you are still lovely though.)

  • Flowers, polka dots and sparkles ( a bit of a cheesy picture, but the most noteworthy thing about it is that Mr M took it and didn't comment at all on the two new pieces I'm wearing.  I told you-oblivious! See this post for details on my necklace and shirt)
  • Shiny shoes for all the Little Wood girls!
  • And I'm still having a bit of a jumper / shirt moment.  This gorgeous pale blue one has been keeping me cosy this week.

  • The sound of the wind whistling round Little Wood- so thankful to be inside, cosy beside the fire.

  • The little M's acting out their one act plays and puppet shows.  I know they're mine and therefore I'm biased, but really, watch this space Academy Awards!
  • Raspberry and White chocolate scones - these are super easy, and so inexpensive to make.  I'll do a wee baking tutorial in the next few weeks.  I'm no great expert, and they're certainly not anything award winning, but everyone needs a good basic recipe for emergency catering situations, don't they?

  • Charm necklaces and bracelets - Eva and I had great fun shrinking bits of plastic in the oven to make little charms.  Who remembers doing this with crisp packets when they were little?  In the interests of health and safety, I would say that we used a special kit.  Please don't put any old plastic in there-it may be a costly endeavour!

  • Family days out...

  • And family days in...pjs and Monopoly (Eva won, Mr M was secretly/not so secretly fuming)
  • The funny little things that my little people say - how I love being their Mama!
E x

Phew - can you believe it is Friday again?!  Have a great weekend everyone, I'll see you Monday!
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  1. Love the outfit!!! Family days in and out are always fun, both in their own way. I could do with one of those fabulous scones right now with my coffee, you are making me drool!! Yummy! #littleloves

    1. Thanks Jenny, the scones are really easy-honestly-i'm no gourmet chef! ;-) E x

  2. Aw, lovely post, beautiful photos - they'd look stunning if you made them bigger btw, just a thought ;) Nashville - I must watch that, I've got a real thing for Country music these last few years, ever since taking a bunch of media to see Dolly Parton at the 02 for a beauty launch. You should check out Bob Harris Country on Radio 2 on a Thursday evening, I'm a real Radio 6 girl, but his show is so brilliant! #LittleLoves

  3. Really appreciate your wee suggestion re photos. I've just found that when they transfer to Bloglovin' they are already enormous-and i'm sure noone wants to see my wrinkles even more close-up ;-) Will check out the country tunes, definitely. Nashville is worth a watch-if only for the brooding, very talented male actors! E x

  4. Those scones look delicious! Yum! We watched Wolverine a few weeks back, I didn't expect it to be what it was, but was still good. Never seen Nashville, I always here good things about it though!

  5. Aww, thankyou -yes the scones are a good fail-safe recipe! Give Nashville a go- it's easy watching, no brain power required. Which suits me fine by the time we get the kiddos to bed :) Have a lovely weekend! E x

  6. Your baking is always AMAZ Mrs M ( can I make known I am a friend and have the privilege of sampling!!!) Please do a tutorial on the cinnamon cake..I could so do with it!! Laughing hard about Mr M raging about the monopoly win :) xx

    1. Those competitive men again Mrs C! ;-) Oh here - a cinnamon cake tutorial would be a major let down, Delia Smith I am not! It must be all in the mixer or oven or something - you are a much better cake baker than me! xx

  7. I think I'm a bit in love with your living room, it looks so cosy!! x

    1. Oh, thankyou! My goodness, cosy is just what we need these days - the weather is horrible isn't it?! E x