Thursday, 27 February 2014

A little look at Little Wood # 7...Kid's Rooms

The Kids are Alright...

So, onto the kid's bedrooms then, starting with Miss Eva's!

As I've mentioned previously Eva is me in miniature.  And with that comes the need to be organised and tidy. This is a wonderful trait in a child, particularly for those children of interiors bloggers - less frantic clutter-clearing before the camera comes out you see. Bless her wee cotton socks!

Anyhow, first up in here we have her bed.  We bought this from a company called Aspace.  It really is very sturdy, and has the added bonus of looking pretty too. Annie has the same bed and calls it her 'princess bed'.  High aspirations, that one. 

The bedding is also from Aspace but is the Pip Studio brand.  Pricey enough for a child's bedroom (I'd have quite liked it for me!) but I have to say, it has washed like a dream, and will last for a long time.  I also love that it is a slightly more grown up print - still pretty and age appropriate, but something that will suit Eva as she approaches double digits (weep!) too.
Cushions are EBay and Next and her linen basket is from Amazon.

Her little bedside table is part of the Sophie Range from Next, as is her wardrobe. The little house ceramic light and her shelves are from there too

Eva's favourite thing is Art, and she is never happier than when she is drawing, writing or crafting.  Santa brought her this little desk, from Great Little Trading Company, last Christmas, and she is often at it, scribbling away!

I loved these fairy lights, which we bought originally as Christmas decorations. Too pretty to pack in the loft, we put them up here, and Eva loves turning them on at nighttime. Very grown up!

This doll's house was a beautiful gift from my mum and dad on her first Christmas, and Mr M built it entirely by hand.  It is a real heirloom, sentimental piece, and we are working on teaching the mini M's to play very carefully with it.  You can see some of the wear and tear showing already!

Another baby gift, this Princess and the Pea doll is another really treasured piece.  The little knitted princess is complete with all her mattresses and a tiny, green pea underneath!

Lastly, we got this armchair from IKEA.  Eva is a bit of a bookworm, and we thought after 4 years of sharing a room with her sister, she would enjoy the peace to curl up here.  The cushions are from Next and Dunelm Mill and the pink blanket is from Avoca Ireland.

The floral wallpaper is from Next, and the paint is 'Whisper of Powder Blue' from Crown.

There are still a few bits and pieces we are after for in here - a notice board for above her desk, a little storage cabinet or cupboard for all her paper, pencils and masterpieces, and some artwork for above her bed, but Rome wasn't built in a day - we will get there!
Eva loves her little space, it is sometimes getting her out of it that is the problem!

Next week - the much less tidy children's rooms!

E x

Love the Little Things Friday tomorrow!  See you then chickadees!

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  1. I am so jealous. I would happily sleep in there myself, what a gorgeous room. And I take back what I said about that Laura Ashley wallpaper in your room, I've just fallen in love with this wallpaper for a little girls room. x

    dear beautiful