Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Half Term Fun?

So. It's Tuesday. It's half term week.
Are all your children still alive? Are you dressed? (Pyjamas count - let's just appreciate not having to go out for a second), if you are reading this I take it that all munchkins are happy and occupied?  Great - you deserve a medal.  Really, not enough parents are congratulated for just SURVIVING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. 

I think school was invented by a parent who literally could not face making one more dinosaur out of a toilet roll tube, or hoovering up another flour spillage (*Note to newish parents: baking with children is NOT as fun as you imagine it will be.  Reduce your expectations now.)
Someone had the great idea to pack all the little treasures off, in to the care of a poor, unsuspecting education professional for six hours every day, just to give the parents a break. I'm sure of it.

Of course, in my working days my attitude to holidays was markedly different. I know at precisely this moment some of my friends and colleagues are probably alternating between napping and doing a little dance of joy at five whole days of freedom. 

They get a hard rap, the teachers.  'Part-timers' I've heard them called, constantly reminded of how many holidays they have, and how easy (ha!) their job is.  I heard it so many times that it just washed over me eventually. 
And yet - imagine your little darling on their worst possible day.  Now multiply that by 30.  Would you fancy a day of that? 
They deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, never mind a holiday.

It's not all bad though- Mr M is offering up a bit of respite on Friday, in the form of a day off work for a cinema trip (Lego Movie).  And the mini M's are actually behaving admirably (it is only Tuesday, I grant you).  I'm quietly confident that I'm going to survive this week.

And even as I type I'm trying to close my ears to the row already brewing along the hall.  Trying to think where I could hide for five more minutes (don't pretend you don't do this too), dreaming up a plan that doesn't involve glue or glitter and will keep us all amused until lunchtime.

And I know when Monday comes I'll really miss them.
So, suck it up Emma, it's only a week.  You can do this.

God Bless the Teachers I say.

E x

Tomorrow - a little bedroom tour!

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