Friday, 28 February 2014

Love the Little Things # 5...

Two weeks in a row - I'm amazed at myself! Anyhow, as always, I'm linked up today with the lovely butwhymummywhy for a little look at the tiny joys in the past week.

This week, the little things we have:


  • I have been reading a lot of new blogs this week, ahead of the MAD awards.  You can read my blog post on the MAD's here.  If nothing else, I am loving this award programme for drawing my attention to some new writing, and for honouring some of my old favourites!

  • Broadchurch - not quite sure how Mr M and I managed to miss this first time around, but wowzers, it is BRILLIANT.  Totally addictive, we finished the series in a, slightly embarrassing, three days!
  • The Lego Movie - I didn't get it. Controversial! This is not a view shared by my kiddos now, who LOVED it!  The animation is, as you would expect, fantastic but the storyline was ropey folks.  It made slightly more sense towards the end, but I do think the producers of this were relying perhaps on the Lego brand and the all-star cast.  Which no doubt will still make them a fortune. I am a voice in the wilderness.
  • But if you want a really good, current kid's movie I'd definitely go with Mr Peabody at the moment! (See here)


  • Mr M and I had a night out this week (ooh, exciting!).  For dinner with my sister, brother in law and the Ma and Pa I wore:

  • And the girls and I rocked our Boden tops at Costa for Saturday morning hot chocolate!


  • It maybe doesn't count, but I've been writing like a fiend this past week, getting caught up on my blog posts for the coming weeks (tenuous link, I know!).  Amazing how cathartic it can be, and how it sets your brain in order.  One post I am particularly proud of, and in writing it I learnt a little lesson or two myself!


  • "Mum - meeeeeeee!" / "She did (insert annoying thing here)" / "He won't (ditto) / "They are (you get the drift?)" - it has been a, shall we say, challenging week?  One that will have me reaching for the wine come 5pm, and the Mini M's in bed ASAP!  I think all that fun at half term is catching up!


  • Park trips!
  • Catching up with the very best of friends over half term - despite being turned away from our soft play destination.  There was a 90 minute wait...for a soft play parent is that desperate, surely?
  • The lighter mornings and evenings - Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it!
  • Funny faces
  • Nail painting
  • Hysterical giggles and the beautiful, beautiful sound of little laughs! 

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  1. Love your bode tops!! Gorgeous! I love your brown bag too! Broadchurch is fantastic isn't it? I was late at watching it as well, and I managed to watch it in 2 days! {Thanks to a poorly boy and Little girl at play school!} I cannot wait for the second series!

    1. Oh Anna-Marie, Broadchurch was totally addictive! I loved the Cluedo type storyline and all the cliffhangers-amazing! Excited for series two! E x

  2. Looks like you all are having so much fun at the park. I love all your pictures. So fun. You and your family are always so happy and smiley I love it. And as always your fashion sense is amazing. I need to take lessons. ;) usually I am more focused on dressing my two kiddies nicely and me in whatever is clean. #littlelove

    1. Oh Jenny, we have the bad moments too (quite a few this week!) - the photos never show those though ;) Thankyou for your kind words poppet! E x

  3. Like Anna-Marie, I love your Boden top! I'm a sucker for the Breton stripe!

    Well done for for doing lots of writing, I haven't been in the writing zone for a while. Really need to lock myself away from all social media and get on with it!

    Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. I'm not sure that any of the writing is any good Morgana, but I'm ploughing on with it nonetheless! I know what you mean though-there are definitely days when I struggle to put a thought together, let alone put it in print. Far too easily distracted, me! Hope the butwhymummywhy's have a lovely, sunshiney weekend! E x

  4. Oh no, don't tell me the LEGO movie was rubbish, I was hoping it would be as good as the trailers look. Love your scarf in your night out outfit too, it's lovely. Hope the week ahead has less whining, hate it when mine get stuck in a rut of annoying each other, and therefore me!

    1. It was OK, just not my cup of tea I guess. I loved the premise, just think I had built it up a bit, and expected a wee bit more. That said, the kiddos loved it, and Noah was in Lego heaven - they have been singing the song on repeat ever since! Really hoping for a less moan-y week next week too - there's only so much one Mama can take ;). Thankyou for stopping by! E x

  5. Loving the Boden tops. Great piccies :)

  6. Oh I wish I was as organised as you to sit down and actually plan my blog posts! I absolutely love the black and white picture of your youngest - totes adorable!!!

    1. Oh Karen, it's the teacher in me! If I could get my hands on one of those teacher planners we used to get, there'd be no stopping me ;). E x