Friday, 28 March 2014

Love the Little Things #9

In an attempt to have a highly original opening paragraph (Jenny from Let's Talk Mommy writes ACTUAL POETRY - no pressure there then.) I Googled 'songs about Friday'. There are so many - who knew?! Anyway, this is the one I came up with - ten points to anyone who can name that song...

Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard...

I'm 35, and have three kids, and don't even really know what a boulevard is, so safe to say this isn't the truest musical interpretation of our Friday evenings. Mr M and I mostly eat chilli and Doritos and drink wine in our pj's. This joint is jivin' come the end of the week.

Today, as usual, I am linked up with the lovely butwhymummywhy (she's a MAD finalist, don't you know? Whoop!) to remember the tiny joys in the past week...



Before I get onto my Blog Love for this week, can I just say the hugest congratulations to all the MAD finalists. There are some of my absolute faves in every category, and I wish them all the very best of luck for September. And another massive thank you to everyone who nominated LATLW. We were nominated in six categories, consistently across the four weeks that nominations were open. For a little blog that is only just starting out, this is a massive confidence boost. And I am so touched, and encouraged that you lovely readers took the time to press the button. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Now, what have I been loving on the interweb this week?

First up, I loved this piece from Mummy Says ... Culture, Race and the beauty of Tolerance
A really beautifully written account of raising children who span two different cultures, and a mother's hope for their future.

I have also loved Oh God, I've changed from brummymummyof2. A hilarious account of how we become the parental stereotype when we have kids.

And, my chummie Karen from Making memories in the chaos wrote all three of her birth stories this week. I have just adored reading them, and may have welled up a little (ok, a lot!) You will find little Jonah's here.

Lastly, I was thrilled to be one of Jen Stanbrook's top picks this week in her 'Love Your Home' linky on lovechicliving.  Jen is interiors blogging royalty, so I am honoured to be included in her top three!


We finished Line of Duty. Loved it, even if I wasn't entirely sure what was going on (I blame the distraction of Twitter!)
And the usual Scandal, Grey's, Nashville combo too of course - this accompanies the chilli/wine/pj Friday night loveliness - bliss!

And tonight Mr M and I are hitting the big smoke for date night. We are going to see Miranda Hart - VERY exciting! I'll fill you in next week.


Apart from that Katie Perry song (did you get it?), we have been *enjoying (*subjected to) Annie's teatime performances this week. Her 'songs' are mostly about princesses who eat cake, and tend to come with a lot of twirling and hair flicking. And they go on, and on... Mr M and I attempted to continue our conversation over it the other evening, but were met with a death stare, and a waggly finger, and told that there was to be 'no talking'.  It would almost be funny, if the pre-school teacher hadn't told me that she's rounding the children and teachers up to watch her too.  At least once a day. I'm mortified, and fear I'm going to be that mum sitting at the X-factor auditions in ten years time.
It would help if she could hold a tune. We Martins are not known for our musical talent.


Nothing hugely exciting this week. Clothes mostly ;). Oh, but I did 'shop my wardrobe' (I basically tidied it and found things at the back that I'd forgotten I owned), and came across a favourite Joules jumper. And look who it has on the front...It's Phil!


Literally not one thing. Even my tenuous links are non-existent this week, shame on me! But I do have a recipe coming up next week, so I'll do better then.


Absolutely number one was meeting up with my friend Karen from MMITC, and her adorable kiddies this week. We had six children between us, and yet it was remarkably calm actually! We totally forgot to get a photo though Karen. Next time!
The very best thing about blogging, I'm finding, is the friendship and encouragement of other bloggers. It is a community full of lovely, lovely people. I'm very excited to meet more NI bloggy ladies at our meet-up in June.

And that was our lovely little week. Complete with musical accompaniment (are you still singing Katy Perry in your head too? You're most welcome.)

E x

Have a delightful weekend chummies, and I'll see you Monday!  Oh, and a very happy Mother's Day to all the UK mummies out there. Enjoy your obligatory cold tea and burnt toast in bed on Sunday morning. ;)

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  1. Love your little loves you are so sweet and kind to everyone, a true genuine lady you can tell through all your posts. Biggest hugs to you. Can't stop laughing at your picture of what you wore haha You are funny. Your little ones having a boogie is a gorgeous picture to cherish forever. What a great capture. Congrats on being a top pick that's so awesome. Glad you had a good week. :) #littleloves

    1. Aww, thanks my dear! Umm, yes, I'm a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Phil the pheasant. I find myself checking for him each morning to make sure the foxes haven't got him. This is what I have become. ;). Thanks once again for your lovely comment, love these wee littleloves catch ups! Xx

  2. As always I loved reading all you little loves! I especially like the bit about your performing daughter, I think your girls and mine would get on really well!
    And your Friday nights sound like absolute bliss to me!
    Have a great night out tonight seeing Miranda, can't wait to hear about it xxxx

    1. Oh Morgana, we'll be beside each other at X-factor then? I'll bring the gin :). By the sounds of it your girls have a LOT more musical talent though - we weren't blessed with the gift of song I'm afraid! Thanks for popping in sweetpea xx

  3. Ahh E, Your 'Little loves' always make me smile away. I'm waiting for a video clip of your little performer though... & i've got a lotta love for the matchy matchy PJ's.....Team work makes the dream work!!!

  4. Oh I love that jumper! I'm Joules obsessed but the jumpers don't suit my shape. Booooo.
    Have a wonderful time at Miranda Hart, so jealous! xx

  5. Loving the PJs and Phil!!!! Lovely post :) xxx

  6. Haha, me and the hubster are currently sat in PJ's, drinking wine! Well, he's asleep, but in PJ's with wine next to him!
    Love the jumper and I fear O will be the mini performer in this house. He's been "raving" with his daddy in the kitchen tonight before bed!
    Have a lovely week, lovely lady x

  7. Line of duty was fantastic wasn't it? I was late to it so only just caught up with both series!

  8. Fab post! The heard had me chuckling to myself, sounds a lot like our house :)