Monday, 31 March 2014

Sunday 30th March 2014...

I'm writing this while my kiddiewinks are upstairs, doing the whole bath routine with Mr M. 
It has been the most lovely day.
The hours have passed, not in the usual frenzy of activity, but in tiny savoured snapshots.
We have had one of those family days. You know, the ones where everyone stays in their pj's and eats too much chocolate, and cups of tea are made, and Lego houses are built, and nothing very productive gets done.  And you just 'be'?
And minutes seem to pass a little more slowly. And you chat about the baby days, and how they've grown. And look at photographs, and reminisce. And you have a 3.07pm performance of 'The Magic Unicorn' because, well, what else would you be doing at 3.07pm? And you trade ironing and dusting and washing for kisses and cuddles, and whole family pile-ons.

I'm sure up and down the country more homes than ours have had a day like this.
And you will understand perfectly how I feel then.

How completely, totally, fortunately blessed I feel.

My lovely little Mummy's Day in pictures...

And where it all began...

E x

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  1. What a thoroughly uplifting post and gorgeous photographs! I love that you included photos of 'where it all began'. You have a very similar age gap to my brood. Love post and Happy Mother's Day for yesterday! x

    1. Thankyou Suzanne! And hope you had a lovely day too, and the kiddies spoilt you rotten! :) xx

  2. Aww what a beautiful post and your Mothers Day looked very similar to mine. We just had a lazy day and did lots of cleaning and tidying, which although isn't fun, makes me feel SO good after it's all been done. I got some chocolate buttons, a diet coke and a mini bottle of champagne and got a nice bath in the afternoon. Perfect! x

    1. That sounds blissful Katie. Even the cleaning - I LOVE a tidy house ;) I think the best thing about Mother's Day is just taking time to spend time with the kids. I find my life is one big manic rush most of the time - it's nice to just sit still for a bit isn't it?! Thankyou so much for popping by poppet xx