Friday, 4 April 2014

Love the Little Things #10....

Well, how has your week been? It has been the usual mayhem round here. And one day of sunshine and actual heat thrown in there, just to confuse us all into thinking that it's time to paint our toes and retrieve the fake tan.
And then rain again. Love our weather.

Anyhow, today, as usual, I'm linked up with the lovely butwhymummywhy for Friday #littleloves. If you are a new reader (*if you are, hello! How are you?) get yourself over to hers for a cuppa, and to have a read at the other lovely blogs linking up.

So, this week the little things that we have:


Some great Blog love for you this week. First up is our lovely host herself...

butwhymummywhy - A letter to my mum - the words I wish I could say. Morgana has written such a touching tribute to her mum. Her words are honest, and really beautifully put. It is such a moving post, but I really admire her courage, and the gorgeous way she has described how she feels.

Hurrah for Gin - Parenting Propaganda. Such a hilarious post on Topsy and Tim's reinvention for the CBeebies generation. If you have children of a certain age, you will totally appreciate how Katie feels. I giggled and nodded my way through this one, and totally share her fascination with the 'new house'. They'll move some day folks, and I for one WILL be there to see it!

And we popped up in a few places on the inter web last week too! Seeing LATLW appear on other blogs and websites always makes me smile. For such a new little blog (with a writer who doubts herself about every five minutes!) I do take such encouragement from a little mention here and there.
Last week you could find us on BritMums, in both their Newbie Round Up and Monthly Interiors Edit (the Little Wood kitchen made a star appearance). We were also featured on the wonderful 3 children and It's Friday favourites. I adore Suzanne's blog, and when I got the tweet to say that we were mentioned, well, to say that I was delighted is an understatement. Thanks Suz!


Miranda - Oh, she was brilliant! Really hilarious, and despite missing half an hour due to a total traffic cock-up at the venue, Mr M and I still had a great night. I love that her humour is so innocent - the audience had both children and pensioners in it - and her happiness is infectious. I'm all for a bit of wry, sarcastic humour (I know, you'd never have guessed!) but sometimes a little bit of silliness is really the best medicine!

In other news, we've also been pretty hooked on The Blacklist. We've been watching this for a while now, but the storyline has taken a bit of a twist, and it's getting really good! Sort of cop drama, but with a double agent kind've feel - you are never quite sure who is good and who is bad!

Oh, and a Phil and Philomena update ( don't roll your eyes, I know you were waiting for it!) - Well, they both still appear to have avoided the foxes (I find myself concerned for their wellbeing, and check for them while I'm cleaning my teeth in the morning.) 
The father-in-law informed me this week though that Philomena is, in fact, Paul. 
Hey, you'll find no prejudice here - they look very happy together, and love is all you need folks.  Love is all you need.


After reading a million beauty reviews on it, I finally bit the bullet and bought Benefit's new product Gimme Brow. And I can report that I have been really liking it! It comes in two colours (I opted for the medium to dark), and looks like a mini mascara. I did find it a tiny bit fiddly to use at first, but think I've got the hang of it now. And the formulation is great (as you would expect from Benefit). It fills out existing hair, and clings to skin too, so patch free coverage that lasts all day. I'm sold!

Lordy, check out those wrinkles!  Even an Instagram filter can't disguise those bad boys!


Soda Focaccia - I did a little tutorial on this the other day (here, if you missed it). It really is the easiest recipe, and always seems to be a winner in our house. Eva did the honours this week, while I snapped the pictures. Her bread turned out delicious, and I love, love, love the photos of her making it!

A cushion fort! - because some days just require one.

More sidebar tweaks - I'm almost there with the blog design. This past week I have sorted my archive out (have a little click on the doodles and check it out!) I'm really pleased with how it's all looking, and considering that three months ago Mr M and I had no clue about this blogging world, I think we've done OK. Of course, the total perfectionist in me has ideas up her sleeve for other things too. I asked Mr M about them the other day though, and he paled a little and told me that he might need to do a University course in programming first. That's perhaps a little extreme. I'll maybe shelve those ones for now.


Looking forward to our mini-moon - I wrote about our weekend trip away here. So excited - I'll fill you in next week.

Mother's Day surprises - beautiful cards and handmade gifts from my little ones, which I will treasure always. They were so excited to give me them, bless them. And the Mr did well by choosing (after a minimal amount of hinting) the Michael Kors iPad sleeve that I had been lusting after. Aww, thanks kiddos!

A Beautiful Mess app - I've recently discovered this lovely photo editing app. I have read Emma and Elsie's blog for a while, and decided to give this a whirl. If you were wondering how I put the writing and doodles on my photos, well, this is it. Much easier than the whole Photoshop process, and prettier too!

And that's us for this lovely little week chickadees! I'm off to pack for our weekend trip. I'll see you Monday though for a catch up between loads of washing :) Have a great weekend!

E x

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  1. I ADORE a beautiful mess. I often get a bit carried away and have to stop editing every single picture I take. The focaccia looks delish. Loving the sidebar stuff you've done. Very very pretty :) Wouldn't expect anything less! xxx

    1. I'm A Beautiful Mess addict now Sian. You are so right though - I have to stop myself writing over every photo (love that curly arrow! ;) ) Thanks for popping by, and how funny that we were tandem commenting this morning-great minds! Xx

  2. I always love your little loves of the week. Your bread looks yummy, I am dying to try it out. Love the Mother's Day collection, glad you had a great day. Will have to check out this eyebrow thing, I am horrible at makeup and beauty things but I have really blonde hair naturally so I have to color my eyebrows in or there would be NONE. This might be perfect for me. ;) Love your blog loving too. You are such a sweet and support blogger to all those amazing bloggers out there!!! #littleloves

    1. I've been impressed with it so far Jenny - my problem is I paid too much heed to the 90s trend to pluck all your eyebrows away. Biggest regret ever!! Bless you, you always say such lovely things in your comments - I really do appreciate them lovely lady, and seeing your smiley little face every week! Xx

  3. Every time I see that bread my mouth waters! Yum! I love Miranda, so jealous you got to see it live!!

    1. Oh she was fab! I wondered how she'd be in stand up, but it was just like watching her in her show - I think that's really how she is in real life! Hilarious!xx

  4. I loved Morganas post too. So beautiful.
    Wrinkles?! I can't see any wrinkles at all. I have seen that the 'Benefit Gimme Brow' is supposed to be great, it looks fab on you. I may need to look into getting some myself.
    I'm so jealous of you seeing Miranda, and I'm glad you enjoyed it, although boooo to the traffic shambles.
    Your sidebar looks fab. Really pretty xx

    1. Aww, thanks Lauren! So far so good with the eyebrow stuff - I do need all the help I can get!! And there are most def wrinkles under the old eyes (but maybe the Instagram filter worked better than I thought??) xx

  5. Ahh thanks for the mention lovely :))
    Eyebrow thing - want
    Wrinkles - are you kidding me?!
    Bread - yum
    Sidebar - stop making your blog so darn pretty!

    1. Katie, LOVING your commenting methods. Totes stealing the bullet point version of commenting - thorough yet efficient. Love it! :) And thankyou chicky. Xx

  6. Ok so tell me more about the benefit eyebrows! I went into boots, sprucefield, Monday past and was looking for that benefit brow zings that everyone is raving about! But stumbled across all the other brow products, including the one you have, and got stressed out! Not least because Seth had just shook his Fruit Shoot up and down a million times in one sec and it was opened! Cue make up lady freak out about her slippy sticky floor! Sooooooooo, your brows look good! Is it just a bit like a mascara type thing?!
    P.S. Another great little loves post AND have a FAB FAB time away xx

    1. So. It's like a wee tiny mascara, but you kind've use the top to dot some of it on (which looks mega scary at first!) and then you brush it through, and voila! You can build it up too, if you want it darker. Check me out, sounding like a beauty expert (really really not!) thanks for your lovely comments, as always pet. You have a fab weekend too!!xxx

  7. Ooo I'm so glad that I found your blog - it's amazing :D Congrats on winning the Sanctuary Spa Blogger Comp, you really deserve it.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

    PS: Off to follow on Bloglovin'

    1. Oh, thanks so much Louise! Really glad you found me too! :) Am excited about Sanctuary too - lots to plan, but I'm looking forward to it! I've been reading your blog for a while now too - love it!xx

  8. Oh my, your sidebar is the stuff of dreams! So pretty!

    I am very tempted to try out that new Benefit brows product. I have to use their Brow zings one every day or it would look like I have no eyebrows whatsoever! You'd think that with such dark hair I'd have dark brown but no I have blonde brows! So odd. Anyway, your brows look great so I think you've convinced me!

    Thanks so much for the mention at the top. Every one that's read the post has been so lovely. I'm pleased I plucked up the courage to write it now.

    Have a lovely weekend xxxxx

  9. I love your little loves, and find it hard to know where to start. Okay, love your sidebars, so bloody pretty, I am beyond jealous. And I can't even begin to get my head round how you get them. Such a crappy techy type!

    I love Benefit! Although I think it's largely for the pretty packaging. I have the slightly too big eyebrows that come from being a brunette so not so much in need of any additions, but normally anything else they sell I'm a sucker for. I love there porefessional, best product ever.

    Have a wonderful time away with your lovely hubby. Can't wait to hear all about it xx

  10. Just when i thought your beautiful blog couldn't get any prettier, you've only gone & bloody done it! Looking amazeballs (extremely jel of your techno supremo talent). Miranda...... SUCH FUN!! eeek, would have loved this! Massive congrats on the sanctuary win, very well deserved. Eyebrows....mine are so light they're non existent unless they've been tinted or have been penciled: my weapon of choice is Mac brow pencil. & i'm off to get the beautiful mess app this weekend!
    Have a great mini moon!! xxxx

  11. I love to mess around with my blog design as well, but I have just had a refresh so need to leave it for the time being haha! That Focaccia looks amazing. And I loved Morgana's post about her Mum too. x