Tuesday, 1 April 2014

School-run Selfies...The March Round-up...

So, if you have been following on Instagram or Twitter you may have come across our #schoolrunselfie. I wrote about the concept behind this daily little snap here.

Today, as promised, here are the highlights, in our March round up...

You never know when you'll be papped.  Wear big sunnies as standard.


Homework. A teacher's gift to parents all across the land.


 I know it's 8.30am, but if you smile you can have a Haribo.

Pre School mummy cuddles...


Alex, the Pre-School bear. How we LOVE to see him/her coming for a visit!


Gorgeous face Anniekins!

The Ballet run


Dotty takes her in-car safety very seriously.


My wee stunners.  Love them!

In-car entertainment has been provided by Mr Bean, Tangled, The Lorax, Tom and Jerry and Matilda.
And phrase of the month comes care of Annie, who proclaimed as we were driving down the road:

'Aww mummy, I wish I'd brought my camera to take photos of this 'mazin world!'

Bless your little cotton socks my tiny one.

E x
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  1. Awww love this post, such a good idea and some lovely photos of your gorgeous children :) xx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks so much Emma! And, er, what a brilliant name for your blog! I'm going back the other way now, slowly but surely! ;)

  2. These are fab! Especially the last few. Nice to have found you!

    1. Oh, thankyou so much! Really kind of you to say! :) xx